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Time is a life breath. I consider it to be so because I realise that time involves in our daily lives. And you can agree with me that life its self is linked to time.

Every man is designed to live by time consciously or not, our daily living is totally based on time. And every man who has failed to understand this truth exist without living. Understanding the efficacy of time gives you a proper way of living and understanding that time is linked to every man gives you a total edge over failure. And If you will agree with me, even God flows with time

A lot of people are failing today not because they are doing something wrongly but because they are actually doing it at the wrong time. For Instance, pregnancy, you definitely know the power of a pregnant woman in marriage and the need in having babies in a new home. The difference between a woman who is pregnant and girl who gets pregnant outside marriage is time, one of the acts brings joy and the other brings pain, insult and disappointment. Not because they are both not pregnancy but because one is married and the other one isn’t and this is a total set of time.

Until you understand that time is a total valuable in your life, there is high tendency of you existing without living. There is a wise saying that all that belong to us is time and a man who has nothing has that. If you can understand your time you will surely achieve so much and You also need to know that your time and others are not the same.

If you must achieve all that you want, you must learn to watch your clock and run with your time. If you tend to ride with others based on what they have achieved, you might end up coming back to the same things you have failed to do.

The perfect way to live is to live with your time, grow with your time and exist with your time. Never try to be someone else when you can be yourself, never try to run on the same track with someone else when you can run in your track.

We must use time as a tool, not as a crutch

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