School Vs. Education By Michael Osemweigie O.

School Vs. Education By Michael Osemweigie O.

posted by ilo November 6, 2018


#TRUTH_IS; I was told everyone has freedom of speech, So I would speak

Sometimes I wish I could kick against young people below 20 of age been in school

Because at the end we create kids who came back been not good

I don’t tend to interchange each of our clocks nor time

But if only we could see that school has created a beast out of them

Check the statistics

Millions of teenagers that dies every year, is connected to pressure which 90% has something to do with school

They are so little and yet parent forces them to go through such, all in the name of  “make me proud”

Some of us even tell them what to study because the economic seems not to be funny

The kids get into school with no idea of what they might see,

Full of pressuring word, like “James is in school can’t you see”

And when they get there, they meet the tough guys

Those who are designed to negatively influence their minds.

Today you go university,

Seeing guys and girls in their early 15’s,  17’s and some 20’s

Handcuff by pressure, lecturer drama, and burning candle all to get an A

An A they never get to use when the face the real world

Am not kicking against education, because am an educated man myself

But if school and education were family, they both would be distance cousins

Because at the end,  our kids go through school and come out not been educated

Some of them even end up on the street, trying to earn a life

If only we could understand our kids and train them properly

If only we could  change the world and not flow with its system

If only we could break down the fall walls of school and get our kids educated

We could create a better Nigeria.

Sometimes I ask, why do people write jamb

Because at the end it does show how brilliant they are

After the jamb you get to face the POST UTME, given by these universities

And when you fail you come back to square one

I know a person who has written jamb 6 times

And yet can combine wires together, fix up TV’s and solve mathematics

I know a person who failed literature in WAEC

But yet write novel. speak history and write scrips

No doctor can ever prescribe the same drug for 5 patients with different sickness

He would have more graves to dig.

This is what school has done to us

They teach 10 kids the same way and expect same result, that’s stupid

If we could set out kid’s right

We would have a good life

Because they still remain the leaders of our tomorrow

Even though tomorrow is trapped and yet to be born

The economic we find ourselves today, we made it so

We could die with it, if we keep hitherto

Let’s not fight, but fix our homes

Because our kids will lead tomorrow.

And to you my friend

Life is beautiful, live it till the end

Respect your parent, but be careful went you respect

Because at the end you either suffer it or enjoy

School decisions can come from your parents or maybe yourself

But  be decisive  because  if you succeed or fail no one cares

Whatever you face in your choice, you get to bare

So always look up to God and your passion before you voice.

Don’t slay

Trust me, when I say it doesn’t pay

Life is beautiful

Live it till the end and enjoy.

(C) Michael O. Osemwengie

1st April 2018

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Great article you have here

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