Is employment really for losers?

Is employment really for losers?

posted by ilo August 2, 2019

Employees who became Billionaires

It is a well agreed notion in the street that one can be nothing but average if he chooses to remain employed. This belief system is mostly promoted by the mainstream media which is always awash with news on how Mr. A left his employment founded company XYZ and in the next 7months, he sold it for XBillions and has joined the Billionaire league.

No doubt,  your chances are higher to be a Billionaire if you are an entrepreneur but then, the chance of your business becoming a Billion Dollar Deal is a quarter of 0.001 but when you compare it to an employee who invests a portion of his salary in companies or who chooses stock option over full salary, you realize that if such an employee had invested in Google, Facebook, Uber, Amazon etc. at the early stage, that employee will be a Billionaire today.

Let us look at some of these Billionaire Employees in no particular order:

Sheryl Kara Sandberg: In 2008, Sheryl joined Facebook from Google as the Chief Operating Officer. Just like in Google, her main task was to create advertising revenue for Facebook. In 2012, she joined the Facebook Board of Directors as the First Woman Director on the Facebook Board. She is worth US$ 1.7 Billion as at July 2019.

Eric Emerson Schmidt: is an American Businessman and Software Engineer. Eric join google in 2001 after working in different IT firms. He joined the Google Board of Directors as Chairman in August 2001, he was given stock options in Google. According Forbes, Eric is worth US$113.8Billion

Steve Ballmer: Steve was hired to Microsoft by Bill gates in 1980, he succeeded gates as CEO in 2000. He retired as CEO on Feb 4, 2014. He also resigned from the Board of Directors. He is worth US$51.3Billion.

Roberto Goizueta: Roberto started with Coca-Cola in a very “low stage” in Cuba, He was later promoted to technical director before he then relocated to America, joined Coke again and then raised to the position of the CEO. He remained in that position until his death. He is worth US$1.3 Billion according to Forbes.

Michael Jordan: We all know MJ, he is worth US$1.9Billion

The essence of this post is to show you that there are many ways that leads to wealth, if the Entrepreneur thing is not for you, do not stress it, find a good company and buy at the early stage or worth for shares rather than salary and either way, you are on your way to our club, the billionaire club.

Do you agree that it is easier to be an employee billionaire than a founder Billionaire, hit us with your points on the comment box. 

Article By: Alexander Akadieze

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