posted by ilo January 28, 2019

Written By: Adebimpe Adegoke

Since the beginning of time, what has been the greatest puzzle to us is “how to live a happy life”. It sounded more like a rhetoric question but the fact remains, without God there is no life.

Many of us try to live “our so called life” without wanting to involve the maker of life itself. Consider: if you were enjoying a tasty meal and want to learn its ingredients, whom would you ask? Logically, the person who prepared it. This is how we are supposed to reason in all cases. Every gadget that we buy to use has its manual. Why do we mostly decide to put aside the guiding manual to living a happy life, a good life, however following through our instinct and deceptive directives of our fellow human being.

Note: life is neither unfair nor unfriendly to anyone, we only experience the path we chose to follow in full measure.

Nobody is born empty despite being born naked. God created us all with everything needed for success in life. He has given unto us all things pertaining to life and godliness. His expectation is to see His creatures become His counsel for their lives, “if only they follow through the manual He has given to man (male & female)”.

We need to have revelation of God’s love towards us His children. God is not a God of abandoned project. When He begins a work in someone’s life, He never stop until He finishes it. He is called the Alpha and Omega for a reason, and this means that He is the beginning and ending of everything.

One of God’s greatest gift to mankind is to create us within a circle of other people, who if you look closely you will identify the ones that follows after His manual and experiencing His grace. In truth to His word, He loves us without measure and expect us to be likewise to fellow humans. If only we can love as written in His manual, almost everyone (if not all) will be our friends.


Who is your neighbour?

FACT: Someone who lives or stay very near you is your neighbour.

TRUTH: Every human being on earth is your neighbour.

Let’s follow God’s manual which says “God loved the world so much that He gave His only Son, so that everyone who believes in Him (Son) would not be lost but have eternal life. God sent His Son into the world. He did not send Him to Judge the world guilty, but to save the world through Him.

If God can sacrifice His own Son for the love that He has for the world, how much more can’t we sacrifice ourselves to love this world as God loves it and be friends with every human living therein.

God directs us to show and express love to one another, it’s in this that we can live a peaceful and harmonious life.

Let’s be friends to one another, let’s be FRIENDS WITH BENEFITS.

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